First Responders Counseling and EMDR

We have 20 years of experience counseling  first responders and their families.  We have first hand knowledge of what it's like living in this special lifestyle and the toll it can take on the body, mind and family members.  Trust us to offer a safe, supportive and understanding environment to help.  We recommend EMDR therapy, marriage and family counseling, addiction treatment if needed, and resources to offset the enormous amount  of stressors you face everyday. Even your spouse and children are affected by your stress.  It's an extraordinary calling and you must learn how to take care of yourself. 

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BRAG stands for Blue Red and Green.  This programs is dedicated to giving free counseling to our first responders (police, fire & paramedics and veterans) who currently serve and have served their communities and especially suffer from PTSD. We offer a certain amount of free sessions as needed and connect you to other resources that may be helpful.  If you are interested, please contact us privately, so we can discuss your options.  We understand how important privacy is and impacts on security clearances.