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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

ADHD behavioral symptoms create significant difficulty in all areas of life and will be evident in home, social settings, school, and/or work. ADHD one of the most challenging disorders due to the impact it can have on everyday life, family, and self esteem. However, it is also one of the most treatable.

ADHD Thinking, Failure, Fatigue, Anxiety, Depression, and More.

ADHD can interfere with your memory, organization, and ability to think efficiently. It can cause fatigue as you try to stay on top of things (compensatory effect), which results in irritability, and possibly anxiety and depression, as well as other disorders. Children, teens, and adults can all experience feeling like a failure due to their symptoms. Getting a diagnosis and learning coping skills are the next step.

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ADHD Information for Parents and Concerned Adults, FREE Session Coming Up

FREE 90 minute ADHD information session briefly defining ADD/ADHD in children and adults, How ADHD is Diagnosed, Possible Accommodations, Coping Skills, and Holistic Treatment Options / Popular Treatments.

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Intensive ADHD Information Sessions

We are forming a series of four 90-minute intensive ADHD information sessions for Parents and Concerned Adults covering:

1) What is ADD/ADHD and How is it Diagnosed (includes Adult ADD)

2) Accommodations, Homework, and Getting Everyone on Board

3) Positive Parenting Strategies

4) Holistic Treatment Options and Overview of Popular Treatments

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Social Skills Group

Social skills can be very difficult for those with ADHD. Learning to inhibit your reactions, maintain appropriate manners, assess the environment, time awareness, and mindfulness of others are just a few of the areas difficult for those with ADHD.

Our social skills groups are assembled appropriately for the needs and age group of the persons attending. The group uses coping skills, mindfulness, self-regulation, and scenario reenactment exercises to build skills in basic communication, interpersonal relationships, empathy and rapport, problem solving, and accountability.

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ADHD Diagnosis and Assessment

Comprehensive ADHD Assessments are available for both children and adults.

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