BAUD- Bio Acoustical Utilization Device


Picture               The BAUD
        (Bio-Acoustical Utilization Device)

The BAUD (Bio-Acoustical Utilization Device) is a biofeedback tool that uses sound frequencies to soothe and rewire neural pathways in the brain, which in turn, can transform negative feelings into calm and accepting ones. The BAUD has been found to be effective for the following symptoms: emotional issues such as fear, anxiety and anger; relationship and other “hot button” triggers; urges, cravings and appetites, including food and other substances; ADHD, physical pain and stress issues. The BAUD is very easy to use. The individual simply puts the headphones on and tunes the sound frequencies to match their own emotional experience.  He or she must then continue to activate the emotional experience for about 10 to 20 minutes while letting the BAUD do its work. The BAUD is FDA approved and has no known side effects.

The BAUD is based upon Reconsolidation Theory.  The psychological symptoms we struggle with are represented by over-excited neural pathways in the brain that are activated any time we feel emotional pain. Reconsolidation Theory states that when these pathways are activated, typically by an environmental event or even simply by thinking about the issue, there is the possibility for them to be rebuilt or reconsolidated, with either an increase (for example, through dwelling on the fearful aspects) or a decrease, (through pairing with something that is soothing and calming) in emotional reactivity. When the BAUD is used successfully, a decrease in emotional reactivity is experienced as over reactive neural pathways are reconsolidated, soothed and paired with a positive emotional experience.

**The BAUD is a new and powerful tool for personal change. By listening to special sound frequencies through earphones, you can actually shift brainwave patterns by inducing a "binaural beat:" deep within the brain.  The brain responds to this sound through a process called "entrainment", resulting in a powerful shift.  This same technology has been used in Neuro feedback.

**disclaimer**  The BAUD is registered with the FDA as a Class 2 assessor medical device.  It is not intended to use in place of medical care or medication.  Not approved to treat disease or medical conditions. Consult your doctor or health care professional  before using the BAUD.

BAUD should be used and demonstrated with a trained mental health professional. The Bio Acoustical Utilization Device was developed by Dr. Frank Lawlis.